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Here for you, to hear you

You deserve

Care that meets you where you are

Everyone’s path to mental health care is different, so we start where you are. With us, you can choose from therapy, psychiatry and a host of other mental health services.

Our providers are licensed professionals who dedicate their time to Foresight members. Whether you’re feeling anxious or depressed, dealing with unresolved trauma or grief, or struggling with a relationship, we work to find the provider that’s your best fit. With us, you get all the benefits of traditional therapy or psychiatry plus care-enhancing tools and technology, and a support team that helps you navigate your journey.

The kinds of care we offer



See one of our providers for individual, couples, child and family therapy, or join one of our ongoing therapy groups. Our providers are licensed mental health professionals who have extensive experience in a variety of specialty areas and approaches. Learn more





Our psychiatric specialty providers include psychiatrists, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners and physician assistants, all of whom are trained to assess, diagnose and treat psychiatric conditions and symptoms. Learn more


Other services


In addition to therapy and psychiatry, we offer other types of mental health-focused care and treatment, including Spravato and nutrition support. Learn more